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After modeling the subject, here’s a sample of the futuristic gun I created from Maya–rendered in mental ray. I learned that the inset feature in polygon modeling is the other way around–pressing extrude > esc > scale inward, and also noticed If I want a clean edges for the ‘Insert Edge Loop Tool,’ I select first all the vertices then merge it.

Here are the other samples and added laser effect:

To better understand the software/s, and the tools know-how, I saw this tutorial about modeling a futuristic bolt gun in 3D Studio Max. Well, the software I’m using at the moment is Maya (2011), but I can also create this in Blender. In a few weeks of learning,  I’m beginning to understand the flaws of modeling of this two applications. Maya’s selection of polygons, edges, vertices is a breeze, compared to Blender’s (2.63a) selection–you have to double check first if its selected or not. Blender’s Extrude is fast with just a click of a hotkey E, but compared to Maya, you have to click first on the menu or use shift+ right key (keyboard and mouse) to show the selections–there’s also a hotkey if I want to, though may conflict with other keys.

Blender’s UV mapping is more straight forward and easier unlike Maya’s ( I’m still lost what to do here) user interface. What I like most in Maya is the rendering time–it’s faster, though Blender’s internal renderer is OK, but if I want the shadows more softer, it begins to lag more.

The most frequent tools I use in modeling are the ‘Insert Edge Loop Tool’ in Maya, and the Blender’s ‘Loop Cut’. Both are great, but Maya ranks higher on this one because of the options it provide on making an edge loop, and, of  course, the extrude tool.

So, here’s a not yet finished polygons I created in Maya, though the tutorials I based my design are for 3D Studio Max.

Modeling parts one by one…

Attached the parts to the main body…

Unfinished model. Check the hole.

Whew! I thought rigging (adding joints or bones to the polygons to make it move) is easy…but a more complicated process than modeling a coffee mug. No wonder there are many people in creating a 3D animation like ‘Toy Story’ just to make a scene. Here’s a sample of my subject, though the rigging is not yet complete at least I can see my monster..errr.. coffee mug move. It’s alive,…it’s alive!

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Here’s a sample of my first character, made of mug–a robot–I’m fascinated about robots. Well, I’ll just name it ‘Mug Max.’–getting my hands now on modeling in Maya, then I’ll create an army of coffee mug after this. Right now I’m tinkering in Maya how to move the arms and feet by means of rigging, another term of adding bones to the subject so I can move it freely.

The best way to put bones in the subject is T pose.

Here’s my first model of coffee mug I did in Maya, using the NURBS to have this kind of effect especially the handle attached to the body. Though it produce an odd geometry when I converted this to polygons. The edges are everywhere, whereas I can easily create this in normal geometry. Nevertheless I’m still in the learning process. Here’s a sample:

Samples of coffe mug modelled in Maya.

As a newbie, I modeled the head in blender 2.63a, now I’m stuck in the hair particles. Rendering the hairs takes time and the hairs overlap on the head model (something I have to learn later). Comb feature in the hair particles is nice. The problem with hair doesn’t show in cycles renderer, even the textures I put in the eyes. Now, I have to bring it back to the default renderer-blender internal, going back and forth, change this, change that materials. Its the hair again…ugh. I’m stuck.

Head modeled in Blender, but rendered in Maya software.

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Modeling a head in blender (version 2.63a) is much more complicated  than drawing or painting a face–a digital sculpting in 3D. The hard part is the eye, much more if its the whole body. So, it’s a learning process for a beginner like me. YouTube is a great site for learning 3D.

From a simple sphere…

A simple sphere as a start up in head modeling.

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I rarely post something related to my job but this is an exception–a resolution to impeach a governor has been introduced in the Northern Mariana Islands–first time in CNMI history, unless they (congress)  have guts to impeach gov. Fitial. Well, it’s a blaming game alright. Businesses are dead, people are leaving, high cost of electricity, gas, sky rocketing price of foods, and  many more. It’s a simple math–less people, less money on circulation–no tax to collect; therefore the govt. suffers.

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