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Using TYPOlight version 2.7
A sample of a cloud tag like this will have lots of results in a TYPOlight search engine

Day 1, 3pm
Purge…rebuild the search index….search…boingggg! What the??
Again, again..
Purge…rebuild the search index….search…boingggg! Whaaa??

I’m getting lots of results and these results came from the ‘tag cloud’ module on the front-end. What causes it? But I need these searches to be more specific the way Google handles too. :)
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Using TYPOlight version 2.7
Modules: tags_news and tags
Creating a module of tag cloud and inserting it in your page layout at the back-end is easy, but clicking a tag on the front-end (e.g. homepage), just don’t work.
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Error occurred in Firefox using TYPOlight version 2.7.

I backed-up my website and re-import the database into my localhost computer. The problem is I cannot enable my website in my localhost. Therefore, the next step is to use the install.php to update the database. Well, it did not work.
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Using TYPOlight‘s version 2.6.7

I’m looking for a module or plugin in TYPOlight’s extensions web site, and just searched in their forum listings, documentation…nothing. Only a few notes of create here, create that module. Flash content url is not working or did i miss something.
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Using version TYPOlight 2.6.7
Posting news article using TYPOlight’s ‘News’ module have different fields to enter. To eliminate unnecessary repetition of input (e.g. image size, and float to left or right), I just created a simpler way, to my liking of a news module.

It’s a small hack and CSS play.
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As of this writing, I’m using version 2.6.7. There’s screencast on ‘How to add a search form to the page,’ on their website. Here’s the link.

Every CMS have a ‘search’ function, at least. Drupal, CMS Made Simple, WordPress, and etc. are some of the web ‘open source’ applications, and inserting a ‘search’ function is quite easy. The TYPOlight’s ‘search module’ function is different when adding it to your webpage.
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Using version TYPOlight 2.6.7, adding teaser with an image thumbnail is an easy setup in TYPOlight. Here’s a sample code I got from the TYPOlight forum–with an image thumbnail added.

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The new added plugin for typolight 2.5.8 doesn’t include select file/folder in admin’s back-end system. To enable this, open the system/modules/backend/dca/tl_content.php and replace line 260

'eval' => array('fieldType'=>'radio', 'files'=>true, 'filesOnly'=>true, 'mandatory'=>true)

with this

'eval' => array('fieldType'=>'radio', 'files'=>true, 'mandatory'=>true)

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