As a newbie, I modeled the head in blender 2.63a, now I’m stuck in the hair particles. Rendering the hairs takes time and the hairs overlap on the head model (something I have to learn later). Comb feature in the hair particles is nice. The problem with hair doesn’t show in cycles renderer, even the textures I put in the eyes. Now, I have to bring it back to the default renderer-blender internal, going back and forth, change this, change that materials. Its the hair again…ugh. I’m stuck.

Head modeled in Blender, but rendered in Maya software.

To make the story short, I end up doing hairs in Maya. I export the model in wavefront .obj file, and change the option in groups in blender so I can change the color material in Maya. The default renderer–Maya software, and mental ray–are seems fast.

Although, I’m beginning to understand the modeling of polygons in blender with the use of hotkeys…but still difficult to learn.

Here are the samples:
Modeled in Blender, rendered in Maya software, and mental ray.