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After playing with LightWave, I test another 3D application–Cinema 4D. A nice application with easy to the eyes user interface in comparison to LightWave, and with a built-in fast renderer like LightWave. To test, I import/merge the x-wing model from my previous Lightwave sample and added new lights (spot light) with volumetric.

Afterburner test in Cinema 4D

Afterburner test in Cinema 4D

Here’s the test animation with Adobe After Effects for compositing.

A test animation rendered in LightWave with a camera parented to the X-Wing model.


Credit goes to the 3D model of Millenium Falcon; Andy Crook, “Bombshell Betty” X-Wing Variant; Tony Bruno.

I added jet exhaust flare to the X-Wing using distant light with volumetric lighting enabled with many experimentation to create that kind of light, and strange that there’s no lattice tool unless you buy a 3rd party plugins (Blender, Maya, and Modo have it), then I exclude objects to disable the distant light coming from the X-Wing’s exhaust pipe;


Added star field, enabled the lens flare, glow, motion blur, 3 light setting, and disabled radiosity for fast rendering.

See the sample animation:

Rendered in Lightwave 3D, using the default render setting added motion blur and glow. Disabled radiosity, I added 3 lights instead with different intensity. Nothing fancy in compositing, I just combined the images for the final output.

A sample clip from animation.

A sample image from animation.

Here’s the sample animation, and the credit goes to Andy Crook for the Millenium Falcon 3D model, and the Imperial Star Destroyer 3D model from

It’s nice to use Blender but the flickering shadow is not. I Bing-searched and the same problem I have. Anyway, back to Maya. A scale test for the model of Imperial Star Destroyer and Millennium Falcon.

Scale test

Scale test

Update (12-9-13):

Sample renders from my animation. Tried 750 frames for HD 720 (1280x720pixels), but it rendered 8-12min./frame on my computer…yikes!

Sample render from animation

Sample render from animation

Anyway, back to my previous size…HD 540

Sample render from animation

Sample render from animation

Here’s my latest animation with sound effects added.

Here’s  the animation sample after rendering many hours (3-6 minute per frame for 960 x 540 pixels on my Mac Mini mid 2010 model).

Added composite and after effects. The smoke, debris are green screen samples that are freely downloaded from YouTube, the fire effect is from Maya with additional smoke added in After Effects.

Next, is to add sound effects, and additional clips.

Created and animated in Maya. The Millennium Falcon is a Blender file from Blendswap by KuhnIndustries (; I export, and converted the mesh into Maya. The AT-ST Walker is an old file from

A sample render from animation.

A sample render from animation.

A work in progress.

Update (10-30-13):

Scale test for the walker and the falcon for animation.

Scale Test

Scale Test

OK, enough with the flight thing in Star Trek, While I’m searching in my hard drive, I found this model, the AT-ST Walker. I downloaded this 3D model long time ago and would like to credit the author (the site was but got lost in my hard drive. Well, I changed and added some like lambert, phong, rigging, and more. The background is a HDRI file and downloaded free in the internet (again, there’s no name to credit).

Anyway, here are some images I made (created in Maya, rendered in Mental Ray, and Adobe After Effects):

AT-ST Walker

AT-ST Walker

I’ll test animate later…

Update (10-13-13):

Rigged and ready to animate in Maya. I tried rigging in Blender, but in Maya is a different approach–should be careful when pressing keyboard ‘coz it deformed my character at the end, so I rigged this thing twice.


Here’s a sample, testing the light and shadow.


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