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Here’s a short tutorial as a request on how I animate the arrows from my past project.



Here’s the tutorial:

Sample clip with motion blur enabled in Physical renderer.

Sample clip with motion blur enabled in Physical renderer.

Using the cloth simulation in C4D:
I modeled the flag again, and added the same textures from my previous experiment. I notice that it’s more easy to configure the settings especially the wind for the different flags–though, I forgot to enable the cloth collision.

Anyway, using the default C4D’s Physical renderer with motion blur enabled, it took almost 4 hours for a 8 seconds animation (1280×720 pixels) on iMac 2013 model.*

*I’m using the computer for my job, and at the same time rendering in the background.

Here’s the sample animation:

Rendered in Lightwave 3D, using the default render setting added motion blur and glow. Disabled radiosity, I added 3 lights instead with different intensity. Nothing fancy in compositing, I just combined the images for the final output.

A sample clip from animation.

A sample image from animation.

Here’s the sample animation, and the credit goes to Andy Crook for the Millenium Falcon 3D model, and the Imperial Star Destroyer 3D model from

Using the same old file, exported from Blender, I re-arrange, added more textures and test LightWave’s default renderer.

The shrine (proposal) was modeled in Blender, import to Modo and added additional objects (trees, people, etc.).

First, I rendered this in Blender Internal but the flickering shadows are everywhere, and Cycles…nahhhh, it’ll take me days or weeks in my slowwww machine. I finished this animation in less than 3 days using the Modo renderer.


A sample animation using Blender’s 2.72 dynamic paint to create ripple effect. I use the boat as a brush and the ocean mesh as canvas. Using depth in the defocus node, rendered in Blender Internal.

Ocean material

A sample clip rendered in Blender Internal

A sample cllip rendered in Blender Internal


Sample animation:

Here’s another sample of Star War’s animation–a continuation. The Imperial Star Destroyer model comes from Sci-Fi 3d site.

I use Blender to test and…. ugh…there’s a strange effect in Blender Internal render–a flickering shadow. Well, there’s Cycles but I can’t wait loooong minutes to render this per frame. Probably a bug because I don’t have a problem animating this on Maya with a moving camera.

>>Flickering shadows from frame 34 to 35.

Frame 34

Frame 34

Frame 35

Frame 35

>>Here’s a short animation using the default Blender Internal renderer:

Here’s my latest animation with sound effects added.

In this process I learned the mistakes of rigging– the wrong joint axes after a mirror joint, and manually correcting it–no wonder I’m having trouble animating this in Maya.

The Graph Editor is a nice utility to copy the time element (keys) from one body to another (right leg animation copied to left leg and offset it), and looping the animation. Anyway, here’s the sample:

Update: (10-22-13)

Another test sample with environment (hdri), and an image plane with a hdri texture for shadow. The only polygon here is the AT-ST model.



Added flares and sound in animation.

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