To better understand the software/s, and the tools know-how, I saw this tutorial about modeling a futuristic bolt gun in 3D Studio Max. Well, the software I’m using at the moment is Maya (2011), but I can also create this in Blender. In a few weeks of learning,  I’m beginning to understand the flaws of modeling of this two applications. Maya’s selection of polygons, edges, vertices is a breeze, compared to Blender’s (2.63a) selection–you have to double check first if its selected or not. Blender’s Extrude is fast with just a click of a hotkey E, but compared to Maya, you have to click first on the menu or use shift+ right key (keyboard and mouse) to show the selections–there’s also a hotkey if I want to, though may conflict with other keys.

Blender’s UV mapping is more straight forward and easier unlike Maya’s ( I’m still lost what to do here) user interface. What I like most in Maya is the rendering time–it’s faster, though Blender’s internal renderer is OK, but if I want the shadows more softer, it begins to lag more.

The most frequent tools I use in modeling are the ‘Insert Edge Loop Tool’ in Maya, and the Blender’s ‘Loop Cut’. Both are great, but Maya ranks higher on this one because of the options it provide on making an edge loop, and, of  course, the extrude tool.

So, here’s a not yet finished polygons I created in Maya, though the tutorials I based my design are for 3D Studio Max.

Modeling parts one by one…
Attached the parts to the main body…
Unfinished model. Check the hole.