A study paint using Procreate IOS app. These gadgets (iPad Pro 10.5 tablet and Apple pencil) costs a lot! It came yesterday from Amazon–the pencil came first–and have to upgrade the system to IOS 11.1 because the Procreate app I need to download needs a higher operating system.

So, my first tablet from Apple. I already have iMac, and a Mac mini, and still working all these years (7 yrs old). I must say Apple’s tablet security is much secured–it does have a fingerprint scanner–than my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S pen. The sounds from iPad is louder than my previous Samsung, and lighter in weight too.

Anyway, it will be a great help for my job, and excited if Serif Labs released the Affinity Designer for iPad :)

Here’s the sample sketch I created last night, and the Apple’s pencil is great…though the magnetized top holder can be easily lost. I almost lost it last night when connecting the pencil and iPad for the first time.