After a series of test between Maya and Blender, I like the way Blender works in modeling. The use of modifiers is an advantage tool. The head model is a combination of mirror, bevel, edge split, solidify, and subdivision surface, thus not affecting the actual geometry or topology I created that at anytime I can go back to the former geometry. Remembering the shortcuts or hot keys are easy because of the first letter it represents like the letter E in extrude , I for inset, R for rotate, S for scale, and many more.

Here’s the sample, my own version of Mazinger head (I’m a fan of Mazinger Z). The ship on the head is incomplete.

Modeled in Blender using modifiers.

My only complain on Blender are the windows. It’s like a stack of cards without a minimize tool. Anyway, the only way to take out one window is to right-click between the windows and a notification will appear for suggestion whether to join or split, after that an arrows appear to click.