The interior model was from David Nyul, and used the Indigo (ver 3.2) engine at 25 hours rendering time. I use this model to test the YafaRay engine (a free open-source raytracing engine), though, some textures are missing from the original model of Blender. I added some changes, and also the lighting ‘coz Indigo’s setup is different from YafaRay. The hardware I’m using is Mac Mini (mid 2010) model.

David Nyul’s Hall

I added plants, additional woods at stairs, bump to the textures, and changes for the uv mapping.

With the same camera settings, I rendered first in clay setting for ambient occlusion (render time: 7 min.)

Clay render sample for occlusion

And the second render, I use ‘photon mapping’ (render time: 38 min.)

Photon mapped rendering

The problem with YafaRay, some (or all?) compositing nodes are disabled. Maybe, I’ll have to check that later. Instead of going to image editor, I use the files ‘exr’ to combine these passes in Blender compositing. So here’s the result using the default Blender Internal engine (render time: in secs):

Using Blender’s compositing


Using the compositing in Blender Internal render, added streak of lights from the exr image file from a photon mapped render.

YafaRay’s Photon mapping render time: 1hr 54min.