Here’s a sample of strawberry I created in Maya. The polygons are heavy, based on the tutorial I saw in YouTube. Though, the tutorial was Maya 2013, it can also be done in Maya 2011. Rendering this image is fast if the final gathering is off in the render settings of mental ray.

Sample image rendered in mental-ray (3 point lighting)

>>A sample of polygons in occlusion.

A sample of polygons in ambient occlusion

>>Another render in mental ray with environment lighting.

Rendered in mental ray with final gathering, and camera depth field setting. The image size is 960 x 720 pixels and rendered in 48 minutes…holy macaroni.

>>Here’s another sample, and this time I created just a simple sphere modeled and added a strawberry texture, and with another image for the bump setting (…googled and downloaded the fruit texture). Moving these polygons in a shaded environment of Maya is easy, unlike the first model I created (the file size is big if you have lots of strawberries).

Just a normal texture, and walahhhhh.. here’s the outcome. The final gathering is off (to speed up), and rendered in mental ray.

Rendered in mental ray

Update: Here’s another sample, adjusted the specular setting, and rendered in mental ray. Using the camera’s depth field it produced this kind of effect… nice, but it rendered more than an hour.

Rendered in mental ray