Being an artist (graphics), I haven’t tried 3D modeling because my computer sucks when it comes to processor and graphics card. Using 3D software needs a computer with a bigger RAM for rendering and a faster processor. The only software that are capable for my sucky 1GB RAM computer I had are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Anyway, I bought a computer with a 5GB RAM I installed–MAC that is. MACs are overpriced stuff compared to PCs with  the same specifications (hardware).

To make the story short, tadaaaa…. my first 3D model, a coffee mug.

coffee mug

The software is Blender from, an open source application you can download (I love open source, and it’s free). Maybe I’ll create more coffee mugs model after this :D –my new hobby.

Using the 3D application like ‘Blender’  is far different from the Adobe Illustrator I’m using. I rendered this coffee mug image using the default ‘blender renderer.’ The smooth handle was made from the bezier curve, the body mesh was from the cylinder–extrude that, extrude this, rotate that, rotate this, and etc…and if possible, I’ll create a Hulk model, naaaaaa..