Using TYPOlight version 2.7
A sample of a cloud tag like this will have lots of results in a TYPOlight search engine

Day 1, 3pm
Purge…rebuild the search index….search…boingggg! What the??
Again, again..
Purge…rebuild the search index….search…boingggg! Whaaa??

I’m getting lots of results and these results came from the ‘tag cloud’ module on the front-end. What causes it? But I need these searches to be more specific the way Google handles too. :)

After searching the TYPOlight forum, I found out that TYPOlight uses comments to prevent the search engine from indexing modules.

<!-- indexer::stop -->
<div id="tag">
  tag tag tag tag
<!-- indexer::continue -->

To make my world easier, the easiest thing to do is to create a module at the back-end admin, let’s say ‘ Stop Index’.

and another module, a ‘Start Index’.

Then add these modules to the ‘Page layouts’ and insert the ‘Stop and Start Index’. Here’s a sample:
You can either insert the ‘Start Index’ after the footer if you want to.

Day 1, 5pm
OK, another test…purge…build the search index….search……results…goomba! :)