As of this writing, I’m using version 2.6.7. There’s screencast on ‘How to add a search form to the page,’ on their website. Here’s the link.

Every CMS have a ‘search’ function, at least. Drupal, CMS Made Simple, WordPress, and etc. are some of the web ‘open source’ applications, and inserting a ‘search’ function is quite easy. The TYPOlight’s ‘search module’ function is different when adding it to your webpage.

Here’s a small guide on ‘How to add a search function in TYPOlight’.

First, you should have a working site and added a ‘Thank You’ page for the ‘search results.’  Creating from the ground on how to create a site in TYPOlight is a lot to cover.

At the back-end, basically, the search module is included in the TYPOlight installation, so, we just create a module.

Add module > Module type > Search engine


Click Save

After creating the ‘search engine module’, create ‘search form’ using the ‘Form generator’

Add New Form > Form ID ‘tl_search’*

*Note: ‘tl_search’ is required to trigger TYPOlight modules, without this ‘tl_search’ –your search function will not work.


Add a jump page for the ‘search results.’ Here’s my sample:


Save, go back and create a new field.


add submit button


Then ‘Save and close’

For the module to insert either in Article or Page layout:


Don’t forget you have a ‘Search Page’ in your ‘Site Structure’ and created an article with the ‘search module’



End layout (Jump Page of your Search results):


OK, done! You can either add this module in your ‘Articles’ or in your ‘Page Layout’ settings. If it’s in your ‘Page Layout’ especially in main column–it is odd to see two search fields–one on top with the results and another at the bottom. To solve this problem, I copied my default ‘Page Layout’–same format, but disabled the search module.

Example: Go to the ‘Site Structure’ > ‘Your Search Page’ > then change your ‘Assign a layout’ settings from the new ‘Page Layout’ you created.