Try to test your new modules? Themes? If I want my Drupal site back to my own computer, I use phpMyAdmin to save Sql file, then copy the whole folder or just use back-up button at your Web’s Control Panel.

Using MAMP (for mac) or XAMMP (pc), import the Sql file using phpMyAdmin. Change the settings.php (sites/default/settings.php) where your database is:

$db_url = ‘mysql://my username:my password@localhost/my databasename’;

$db_prefix = ”;

Save it.

Probably you will encounter an error using XAMMP. Just delete the htaccess, copy the original htaccess of your drupal installer and paste it in your working site.
That’s it!

Just to make sure, clear the cache from the database tables of your phpMyAdmin server application. Use empty command and you’re done!